When she woke up on the couch I tried to absentmindedly look the other way. She was doing that slow stretch thing that made me think of cats in windowsills.

Hey, how long have I been sleeping? Sleepy smile, slightly embarrassed. Looking around for a clock or some hint from the sunlight.

"I'm not sure" -and I wasn't. I had not checked for a while and had been sitting on the other side of the room, half-awake, watching her sleep. I was thinking about where her dreams were taking her. Her breathing was slow and her eyelids moved in a soft motion

No, really, what time is it? , standing up now, trying to get her bearings. I forgot my watch so I kinda need to know.
"Really, I don't really know, I turned all the clocks off, the phone too."

Are the doors locked? Trying to look half serious, half kidding.
"Oh of course, I am just trying to make the day last longer. If you have to leave, that's all right."
She walked over slowly, sly smile and wraps arms around me and puts her head on my shoulder, yawns and blinks.
She is whispering in my ear:
Are you trying to make our time last longer?
"Of course" I say to her back, "Of course"
Well that's sweet, but I have to go.

I am not the first person to try this with her, I'm sure. The difference is that it worked for me. Time did stand still.