A seemingly innocent nodeshell, turned into a RANT

Of course, newbies are clueless. They are new. Why is this always harped on by "the pros from Dover?"

Snow skiing, Calculus, noding, most of us have trouble with complicated new ideas when we first start them. Do we need experienced people to tell us "you look clueless"- do you imagine we don't know that? Is that some sort of fraternity night hazing ritual?

Newbies, by definition are confused and do the wrong thing, often repeatedly. Many of them take correction well, and most take compliments well. If they are consistently rude, stupid and difficult to deal with, it is probably because they are that sort of person. Period. Some people insist on being unhappy. So be it. For the rest, let's all try the old standby:

the benefit of the doubt

We can resort to massive XP downvote and personal attacks at a later date.