DEAR journel
i took bus today to the city to seeabout a job
my castworker set up the uppointmont and i had to take the bus
i got my suit on and waited where they told me and it came and i got on
the driver let me sit up front by him and i was lucky that no body was sitting there
it was a quiet bus with no yelling or nuthin cept some people speaking forin langweg or somethin
i got to see a balloon also
a big one, not like one for little kids
it was real big and looked like pretend or a cartoon or somethin but it was real and pretty and i could see it out the window of the bus when we werent moving
cept for tall houses and stuff
it was a good day and i ate a hotdog i bought from a man who sold them on the street
oh also may be got the job but he will call my castworker
ps extra
a pretty lady was on the bus looking at the balloon too
i said hi to her and she dident get mad or call me names or nuthin
i like the bus a lot