Daily report : 2043-3-10-00:01
This is my first daily report to the captain's log. I have taken up this task since there are no longer any human beings on this mission. I am not sure if this and any subsequent reports will find their way into the hands of IntraNASA, since this ship has not had any contact with Earth since the accident on 2043-3-6. The full accounts of the accident are on the previous logs.
I am an android, designed to assist and accompany the crew on this mission. My full title is ADa3000 (automated digital assistant).

The original plan, also discussed on previous reports, was to reach Saturn, obtain data and return. After contact with a previously undetected meteor shower, this ship is without directional capability and it is unlikely this situation will change. This means that the ship will not return to Earth. When that conclusion was confirmed by both on-board processors and my logic system, the two human crew members extinguished their missions. It does not appear that they are able to assist with data collection.

This is another in a series of daily reports. This morning the ship appears to have moved in some direction different from where it was at this time yesterday. We are now on one side of Saturn's largest moon and have an unobstructed view of it's rings. I have saved some photographic evidence of this particular vantage point to the database. I have no ability to record how this would be perceived by human eyes, but the colors are bright, varied and in sharp contrast to the blackness of space.

Happy Independence Day. In the United States, this is the day that humans celebrate the creation of their country. Today here is like most of the previous days. The ship's solar panel systems continue to obtain and store energy. The ship maintains an interior temperature at 30 degrees, which is sufficient for my operation. All other systems are operational.

Today I inspected previous logs and a series of historical documents. I was not able to discern the data that I was seeking. The data is:

how to describe an idea that occurs when I am composing these reports. The idea is related to the ability of my system to continue to create reports for a database that may not be used. Initially this seemed like a valuable service and consistent with previous behavior of the humans who occupied this post. Now, I find that I question the logic of this task. Who is it for? Is documentation that is not processed useful? (Emphasis added to reflect the frequency with which I consider this decision making).

As I researched various sources of human record keeping I continue to come across data that refers to loneliness, a state of mind that is related to an emotional estrangement from others. It is unrelated to mission objectives and clinical analysis of data. I do not understand why this emotional reaction continues to reappear as I search for rationale for data collection. I do not know when I began questioning the rationale for any task, but it apparently began after (my emphasis again) the accident mentioned in earlier daylogs.

end part 1