love is many things, for sure, but it is NOT suicide.

Pardon me for taking this seriously, but speaking as someone who has lost people in this manner I can tell you that is not a fair comparison, analogy or anything.

Suicide is, by definition, an act of SELF love and SELF hatred. It is all about self. Love is, by definition, all about someone, or something else.

While love is often painful, life is also often painful. Love is life at it's most extreme, the best and the worst. Love is often difficult for people who feel things strongly because it is the most intense of all of those feelings. But it is about life to the nth degree. It is not about null.

Suicide is a selfish act of self hatred and/or hatred of others turned inward. It is always harder on those left behind.

If there is an antithesis of infatuation (maybe there isn't one) it is suicide.

If you lose yourself in someone or something it may be love, it may be grace, it may just be sexual intoxication. But it is NOT suicide.