A variant, played at my elementary school:

Everyone in the class (often times as many as sixty people) are split up into two teams. Each team defends one of the back walls of the gym; the walls behind the basketball hoops. Each team may have two goalies, who are allowed to stand and use their hands to defend their wall. Whenever a team manages to kick the ball so that it hits the opposing back wall, they get a point.

I played this at least once a week during phys ed at my school, however growing up in the insanely PC area that I lived in resulted in one of the following rules being put in place, depending on the teacher:

  • everyone on a team has to have kicked the ball at least once since the last goal for a goal to count
  • at least three girls had to have kicked the ball at least once on a particular drive down the court
  • a particular person was only score once during any given game; if they scored again, the other team was given a goal
I could go off on a rant describing how these rules hurt the competitiveness of the game and was an example of political correctness gone horribly wrong, but I think you can form this for yourself.