Okay so it's 5:55am in the morning and I am awake, logged onto E2 like I entirely vowed against over 2.6 years ago apparently. Someone shoot me.

Due to having PTSD and resulting insomnia I have gradually crawled back to the old crutches of time wasting from long ago. It has been over 1.5 years from the incident that caused the PTSD and I don't know if I will ever be the same. How will I get my normal life back ever? Anyone who has such a thing in their life, please let me know any tips and tricks on how to survive daily without wanting to blow your head off.

Regardless, I am still sucking air, much to some noders dismay, as I found out and logged in to find more than 1/2 of my nodes nuked and some very rude comments from a few ingrates. I'm harmless so I have no clue why nor do I truly care. If these few sentences resonate deep within your empty core, you know who you are and I if I had more time, I would pity you. And I have plenty of time.

It is now 6:03am and I know that I have no chance of getting any sleep before work. Ug. Plus I'm out of Yoplait, so that blows.

I might as well take apart my Toshiba Satellite (old laptop) and try to make it work again, but then again, WHY? I was just going to throw FreeBSD on it, but then again, why? I'm no sysadmin and have no use for it.

The useless things I ponder at 6am.

Hi. I'm back.