Pour some good german white wine in my favorite wine glass (ok.. I only own one wine glass ;)

get 2 more pairs of socks so my feet don't get cold.. always come prepared

scoot up my big overstuffed orange floral 70's looking fluffy chair to my non-ergonomically friendly computing setup

put my feet next to the monitor, rest my keyboard in my lap and turn down the lights.

It's a good life.

small dialog with a man who I turned down for a date:
Man: "When you're 60, all you will have is your computer!"
contemplative look on dg's behalf, devious smirk appearing on her face.. she's staring at the floor.. wondering why this man is so lonely
dg: "What else do I need?"

dg exits peacefully, still smiling

Notes: 1) That man wanted to make me feel like scum because I didn't want to be around him and I'd rather be with my computer.. and he tried his best to make me feel as lonely and pitiful as he feels.. but it did not work. 2)I may or may not be alone at 60. Whether I am or not, is irrelevant. Anyone who would say such a thing to make a person feel bad enough to consider dating them, is an idiot. This node isn't depressing. I just really like dating my computer.