This is a supermarket here in the UK, the cheapest one of all. It was recently bought by Wal-Mart and upon reading some supermarket industry magazines I found laying around the colleague canteen I found out that the Adsa brand name is to be no more. Soon will follow a short-term series of co-branding with Wal-Mart (some stores have already been converted in to "Adsa-Wal-Mart") and once the British public are used to it they will kill the Asda name for good. Another thing they're gonna do is introduce three new own-brands, including Sam's Choice, which i'm told is all over Wal-Mart. The Sam in Sam's Choice is Sam Walton, the original guy behind Walton's, now known as Wal-Mart.

Bet ya didn't think you were gonna' learn all that about Asda and Wal-Mart today, eh? :-)

NB: As of the last quarter of 2002, ASDA no longer exists; 1999's takeover by Wal-Mart has finally seen the supermarket take on the dubious American monolith's corporate identity.
I've been informed that Asda is not the cheapest supermarket. This may be true, however I mean cheapest for domestic non-imported goods.