Since I'm watching the U.S. Open Golf tournament, it reminds me of the shot that I will never forget in June of 1985. A young golfer from Taiwan, Tze-Chung Chen, was in the lead by 4 strokes, playing the four rounds of his life, with only 14 of the 72 holes remaining.

On the fifth hole of the last round, he was in the deep rough. He took a sand wedge and hit his ball, twice. This is a one-stroke penalty when you hit the ball twice on the same shot. But, worse than that, it's just a real laugher among your playing partners. They sort of put their hand over their mouths and try to say, "Oh, I do that all the time...snicker, snicker."

He bogeyed the next two holes with the saddest look on his face I've ever seen on a golfer in a major championship, finishing with 77.

Andy North won.