Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
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Book: Psalms
Chapter: 60

David prays for the deliverance of Israel from their enemies.
(1-5) He entreats God to carry On and complete their victories.

1-5 David owns God's displeasure to be the cause of all the
hardships he had undergone. And when God is turning his Hand in
our favour, it is good to remember our former troubles. In God's
displeasure their troubles began, therefore in his favour their
prosperity must begin. Those breaches and divisions which the
folly and corruption of Man make, nothing but the Wisdom and
Grace of God can repair, By pouring out a Spirit of Love and
peace, By which only a kingdom is saved from ruin. The Anger of
God against Sin, is the only cause of all misery, private or
public, that has been, is, or shall be. In all these cases there
is No remedy, but By returning to the Lord with Repentance,
Faith, and Prayer; beseeching him to return to us. Christ, the
Son of David, is given for a Banner to those that fear God; in
him they are gathered together in one, and take courage. In his
name and strength they wage War with the powers of Darkness.

6-12 If Christ be ours, all things, one way or another, shall
be for our eternal good. The Man who is a new Creature in
Christ, may rejoice in all the precious promises God has spoken
in his Holiness. His present privileges, and the sanctifying
influences of the Spirit, are sure earnests of heavenly Glory.
David rejoices in conquering the neighbouring nations, which had
been enemies to Israel. The Israel of God are through Christ
more than conquerors. Though sometimes they think that the Lord
has cast them off, yet he will bring them into the strong City
at last. Faith in the promise will assure us that it is our
Father's good pleasure to give us the kingdom: But we are not
yet made complete conquerors, and No true believer will abuse
these truths to indulge sloth, or vain confidence. Hope in God
is the best principle of true courage, for what need those fear
who have God On their side? All our victories are from him, and
while those who willingly submit to our anointed King shall
share his glories, all his foes shall be Put under his feet.