Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
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Book: Psalms
Chapter: 43

David endeavours to still his Spirit, with Hope and confidence
in God.
- As to the quarrel God had with David for Sin, he prays, Enter
not into Judgment with me, if Thou doest So I shall be
condemned; but as to the quarrel his enemies had with him, he
prays, Lord, Judge me, and in thy Providence appear On my
behalf. If we cannot comfort ourselves in God, we may stay
ourselves upon him, and may have spiritual supports, when we
want spiritual delights. He never cast off any that trusted in
him, whatever fears they may have had of their own state. We
need desire No more to make us happy, than the good that flows
from God's favour, and is included in his promise. Those whom
God leads, he leads to his holy Hill; those, therefore, who
pretend to be led By the Spirit, and yet turn their backs upon
ordinance, deceive themselves. We are still to pray for the
Spirit of Light and Truth, who supplies the want of Christ's
bodily presence, to guide us in the way to Heaven. Whatever we
rejoice or triumph in, the Lord must be the joy of it. David
applies to God as his never-failing Hope. Let us pray earnestly,
that the Lord would send forth the Truth of his Word, and the
Light of his Spirit, to guide us into the way of Holiness,
peace, and Salvation. The desire of the Christian, like that of
the Prophet in distress, is to be saved from Sin as Well as
sorrow; to be taught in the way of Righteousness By the Light of
heavenly Wisdom, shining in Jesus Christ, and to be led By this
Light and Truth to the New Jerusalem.