Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
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Book: Numbers
Chapter: 34

The bounds of the promised land. (1-15) Those appointed to
divide the land. (16-29)

1-15 Canaan was of small extent; as it is here bounded, it is
but about 160 miles in length, and about 50 in breadth; yet this
was the country promised to the Father of the Faithful, and the
possession of the seed of Israel. This was that little spot of
ground, in which alone, for many ages, God was known. This was
the vineyard of the Lord, the garden enclosed; but as it is with
Gardens and vineyards, the narrowness of the space was made up
By the fruitfulness of the soil. Though the Earth is the Lord's,
and the Fulness thereof, yet few know him, and serve him; but
those few are happy, because fruitful to God. Also, see how
little a share of the world God gives to his own people. Those
who have their portion in Heaven, have reason to be content with
a small pittance of this Earth. Yet a little that a righteous
Man has, having it from the Love of God, and with his blessing,
is far better and more comfortable than the riches of many

16-29 God here appoints men to divide the land to them. So sure
must they feel of victory and success while God fought for them,
that the persons are named who should be intrusted with the
dividing of the land.