Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
back to: Nehemiah
Book: Nehemiah
Chapter: 10

The Covenant, Those who signed it. (1-31) Their engagement to
sacred rites. (32-39)

1-31 Conversion is separating from the course and Custom of
this world, devoting ourselves to the conduct directed By the
Word of God. When we bind ourselves to do the Commandments of
God, it is to do all his Commandments, and to look to him as the
Lord, and our Lord.

32-39 Having covenanted against the sins of which they had been
guilty, they obliged themselves to observe the duties they had
neglected. We must not only cease to do evil, but learn to do
Well. Let not any people expect the blessing of God, unless they
keep up public Worship. It is likely to go Well with our houses,
when care is taken that the work of God's House goes On Well.
When every one Helps, and every one gives, though but little,
toward a good work, the whole will come to be a large sum. We
must do what we can in Works of Piety and Charity; and whatever
state we are placed in, cheerfully perform our duty to God,
which will be the surest way to ease and liberty. As the
ordinances of God are the appointed means of support to our
souls, the believer will not grudge the expense; yet most people
leave their souls to starve.