Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
back to: Joshua
Book: Joshua
Chapter: 18

The Tabernacle set up at Shiloh. (1) The remainder of the land
described and divided. (2-10) The boundaries of Benjamin.

1 Shiloh was in the Lot of Ephraim, the Tribe to which Joshua
belonged, and it was proper that the Tabernacle should be near
the residence of the chief Governor. The name of this City is
the same as that By which Jacob prophesied of the Messiah, Ge
49:10. It is supposed By some that the City was thus called,
when it was Chosen for the resting-place of the Ark, which
typified our great Peace-maker, and the way By him to a
reconciled God.

2-10 After a Year or more, Joshua blamed their slackness, and
told them how to proceed. God, By his Grace, has given us a
title to a good land, the heavenly Canaan, but we are slack to
take possession of it; we enter not into that Rest, as we might
By Faith, and Hope, and holy joy. How long shall it be thus with
us? How long shall we thus stand in our own Light, and forsake
our own mercies for lying vanities? Joshua stirs the Israelites
up to take possession of their lots. He is ready to do his part,
if they will do theirs.

11-28 The boundaries of each portion were distinctly drawn, and
the inheritance of each Tribe settled. All contests and selfish
claims were prevented By the Wise appointment of God, who
allotted the Hill and the Valley, the Corn and pasture, the
brooks and rivers, the towns and cities. Is the Lot of any
servant of Christ cast in affliction and sorrow? It is the Lord;
let him do what seemeth him good. Are we in prosperity and
peace? It is from above. Be humbled when you compare the Gift
with your own unworthiness. Forget not Him that gave the good,
and always be ready to resign it at his command.