Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
back to: Isaiah
Book: Isaiah
Chapter: 59

Reproofs of Sin and wickedness. (1-8) Confession of Sin, and
Lamentation for the consequences. (9-15) Promises of
deliverance. (16-21)

1-8 If our prayers are not answered, and the Salvation we wait
for is not wrought for us, it is not because God is weary of
hearing Prayer, but because we are weary of praying. See here
Sin in true colours, exceedingly sinful; and see Sin in its
consequences, exceedingly hurtful, separating from God, and So
separating us, not only from all good, but to all evil. Yet
Numbers feed, to their own Destruction, On infidel and wicked
systems. Nor can their skill or craft, in devising schemes, as
the Spider weaves its web, deliver or save them. No schemes of
self-wrought Salvation shall avail those who despise the
Redeemer's robe of Righteousness. Every Man who is destitute of
the Spirit of Christ, runs swiftly to evil of some sort; but
those regardless of Divine Truth and Justice, are strangers to

9-15 If we shut our eyes against the Light of Divine Truth, it
is just with God to hide from our eyes the things that belong to
our peace. The sins of those who profess themselves God's
people, are worse than the sins of others. And the sins of a
nation bring public judgments, when not restrained By public
Justice. Men may murmur under calamities, but nothing will truly
profit while they reject Christ and his Gospel.

16-21 This Passage is connected with the following chapters. It
is generally thought to describe the coming of the Messiah, as
the Avenger and Deliverer of his Church. There was none to
intercede with God to turn away his wrath; none to interpose for
the support of Justice and Truth. Yet He engaged his own
strength and Righteousness for his people. God will make his
Justice upon the enemies of his Church and people plainly
appear. When the enemy threatens to Bear down all without
control, then the Spirit of the Lord shall stop him, Put him to
flight. He that has delivered, will still deliver. A far more
glorious Salvation is promised to be wrought out By the Messiah
in the Fulness of time, which all the prophets had in view. The
Son of God shall come to us to be our Redeemer; the Spirit of
God shall come to be our Sanctifier: thus the Comforter shall
abide with the Church for ever, Joh 14:16. The Word of Christ
will always continue in the mouths of the Faithful; and whatever
is pretended to be the mind of the Spirit, must be tried By the
Scriptures. We must lament the progress of infidelity and
impiety. But the cause of the Redeemer shall gain a complete
victory even On Earth, and the believer will be more than
conqueror when the Lord receives him to his Glory in Heaven.