Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
back to: Ezekiel
Book: Ezekiel
Chapter: 28

The sentence against the Prince or King of Tyre. (1-19) The
fall of Zidon. (20-23) The restoration of Israel. (24-26)

1-19 Ethbaal, or Ithobal, was the Prince or King of Tyre; and
being lifted up with excessive pride, he claimed Divine honours.
Pride is peculiarly the Sin of our fallen nature. Nor can any
Wisdom, except that which the Lord gives, lead to happiness in
this world or in that which is to come. The haughty Prince of
Tyre thought he was able to protect his people By his own power,
and considered himself as equal to the inhabitants of Heaven. If
it were possible to Dwell in the garden of Eden, or even to
enter Heaven, No solid happiness could be enjoyed without a
humble, holy, and spiritual mind. Especially all spiritual pride
is of the Devil. Those who indulge therein must expect to

20-26. The Zidonians were borderers upon the land of Israel,
and they might have learned to Glorify the Lord; but, instead of
that, they seduced Israel to the Worship of their idols. War and
pestilence are God's messengers; but he will be glorified in the
restoring his people to their former safety and prosperity. God
will cure them of their sins, and ease them of their troubles.
This promise will at length fully come to pass in the heavenly
Canaan: when all the saints shall be gathered together, every
thing that offends shall be removed, all griefs and fears for
ever banished. Happy, then, is the Church of God, and every
living member of it, though Poor, afflicted, and despised; for
the Lord will display his Truth, power, and Mercy, in the
Salvation and happiness of his redeemed people.