Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
back to: Deuteronomy
Book: Deuteronomy
Chapter: 5

The Covenant in Horeb. (1-5) The Ten Commandments repeated.
(6-22) The request of the people that the Law might be delivered
through Moses. (23-33)

1-5 Moses demands attention. When we hear the Word of God we
must learn it; and what we have learned we must Put in practice,
for that is the End of hearing and learning; not to fill our
heads with notions, or our mouths with talk, but to direct our
affections and conduct.

6-22 There is some variation here from Ex 20 as between the
Lord's Prayer in Mt 6 and Lu 11. It is more necessary that
we tie ourselves to the things, than to the words unalterably.
The original reason for hallowing the Sabbath, taken from God's
resting from the work of Creation On the seventh Day, is not
here mentioned. Though this ever remains in force, it is not the
only reason. Here it is taken from Israel's deliverance out of
Egypt; for that was typical of our Redemption By Jesus Christ,
in remembrance of which the Christian Sabbath was to be
observed. In the Resurrection of Christ we were brought into the
glorious liberty of the children of God, with a mighty Hand, and
an outstretched Arm. How sweet is it to a soul truly distressed
under the terrors of a broken Law, to hear the mild and
soul-reviving language of the Gospel!

23-33 Moses refers to the consternation caused By the terror
with which the Law was given. God's appearances have always been
terrible to Man, ever since the fall; but Christ, having taken
away Sin, invites us to come boldly to the Throne of Grace. They
were in a good mind, under the strong convictions of the Word
they heard. Many have their consciences startled By the Law who
have them not purified; fair promises are extorted from them,
but No good principles are fixed and rooted in them. God
commended what they said. He desires the welfare and Salvation
of Poor sinners. He has given abundant proof that he does So; he
gives us time and space to repent. He has sent his Son to redeem
us, promised his Spirit to those who pray for him, and has
declared that he has No pleasure in the ruin of sinners. It
would be Well with many, if there were always such a Heart in
them, as there seems to be sometimes; when they are under
conviction of Sin, or the rebukes of Providence, or when they
come to look Death in the Face. The only way to be happy, is to
be holy. Say to the righteous, It shall be Well with them. Let
believers make it more and more their study and delight, to do
as the Lord God hath commanded.