Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
back to: Deuteronomy
Book: Deuteronomy
Chapter: 19

The cities of Refuge, The Man-slayer, The murderer. (1-13)
Landmarks not to be removed. (14) The Punishment of false
witnesses. (15-21)

1-13 Here is the Law settled between the Blood of the murdered,
and the Blood of the murderer; provision is made, that the
cities of Refuge should be a protection, So that a Man should
not die for that as a crime, which was not his willing act. In
Christ, the Lord our Righteousness, Refuge is provided for those
who By Faith flee unto him. But there is No Refuge in Jesus
Christ for presumptuous sinners, who go On still in their
trespasses. Those who flee to Christ from their sins, shall be
safe in him, but not those who expect to be sheltered By him in
their sins.

14 Direction is given to fix landmarks in Canaan. It is the
will of God that every one should know his own; and that means
should be used to hinder the doing and suffering of wrong. This,
without doubt, is a moral precept, and still binding. Let every
Man be content with his own Lot, and be just to his neighbours
in all things.

15-21 Sentence should never be passed upon the Testimony of one
Witness alone. A false Witness should suffer the same Punishment
which he sought to have inflicted upon the person he accused.
Nor could any Law be more just. Let all Christians not only be
cautious in bearing Witness in public, but be careful not to
join in private slanders; and let all whose consciences accuse
them of crime, without delay flee for Refuge to the Hope set
before them in Jesus Christ.