Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
back to: 2 Chronicles
Book: 2 Chronicles
Chapter: 1

Solomon's choice of Wisdom, His strength and wealth.
- Solomon began his reign with a pious, public visit to God's
Altar. Those that pursue present things most eagerly, are likely
to be disappointed; while those that refer themselves to the
Providence of God, if they have not the most, have the most
comfort. Those that make this world their End, come short of the
other, and are disappointed in this also; but those that make
the other world their End, shall not only obtain that, and full
satisfaction in it, but shall have as much of this world as is
good for them, in their way. Let us then be contented, without
those great things which men generally covet, but which commonly
prove fatal snares to the soul.