Newish (2000) metal band, whom I kinda dig. They have this album out called L.D. 50. From Epic Records. There's a lot of drug chemical compositions and so forth on the CD case, and a bottle on the back. On the front is some baby and those things they used to have in Chemistry class to demonstrate chemical compounds.

The music itself is really good, IMO, tight and heavy when it needs to be, and the singer can actually sing (a rarity in heavy bands). The lyrics, from what I can make out, are good, smart, etc.

Track list from L.D. 50:

01.) Monolith
02.) Dig (first single)
03.) Internal Primates Forever
04.) -1
05.) Death Blooms
06.) Golden Ratio
07.) Cradle
08.) Nothing to Gein
09.) Mutatis Mutandis
10.) Everything and Nothing
11.) Severed
12.) Recombiant Resurgence
13.) Prod
14.) Pharmaecopia
15.) Under My Skin
16.) (K)now F(orever)
17.) Lethal Dosage