mystery giver

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Begin with a statement of negation. The first indicator of an identity constructed on is nots, has beens, and never wases. All quiet, one moment, preview reel of the end. Continue with rich ruminations punctuated by alliterative combination-effect entities; use them to the advantage of communicating something beyond the words themselves, use them to paint tonal pictures of total sensory derangement and despair and like that.

Don’t lose track of the point though, invisible as it may be. The path of meaning hunts your words, can look them in the eye and always knows when the words are lying. The path of meaning radiates from the page or recitation, disguises itself in sound waves or visual spectra, and holds conversation with the recipient of knowledge. It’s always knowledge that must be passed, in some form.

If you are caught in a trap, do what you must to get out but within the parameters of the trap. If the trap has no parameters, then you are already free.

Detailed half-images are better than bland pictures in totality. Time is not your enemy. It is also not your friend. Best to lighten your load of duality almost completely, not so much that you believe entirely one way or the other, recursive loop dot star dot star dot star.

You can drip feed a daydream, or you could rise to ride to the crest of time.

But you know all this. You always end with something positive, try to wrap it all up as neat as possible. Go back over, and delete the names, remove the accusations, and put the grin back in. But who’s smiling now? Is it me, or is it you?

Your eyes are like comet sparkles of diamond ice on two thin slices of bread. Mine ache.

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