This has been a great week. Starting with Thursday, I saw the wonderful psychedelia of the Circulatory System, William Cullen Hart post-Olivia Tremor Control band. They were tremendous live and I got to meet John Fernandez and Wil. I've been admiring these guys for quite some time so I was stoked. The ruminations on time, causality, and the universe seemed even more interlocked live than I had interpreted so far, and I've spent some time with their album. It is a rich reality, a work of genius.

I have also recentlly recieved my financial aid, which has provided a financial basis to keep the light turned on inside my head, the rent paid, and the means to install a wireless network within my home and on my iBook. I can now browse e2 while I'm skipping class on campus. This is a good thing.

Last night I saw the very incredible Sigur Ros. I've seen them twice before, the first time being the single best concert I've ever attended. There is this direct communication that they are able to produce, using seemingly biochemical reactions by the deep resonance and reverberations of thier music. They played some wonderful new songs, reworked some old ones, and in general held up to my expectations. I was disappointed with the gestapo venue, though. When I had seen them the 2nd time in San Francisco I had taken a mild dose of psilocybe cubensis, which only accentuated the communicative qualities of their special kind of music. Last night my familiarity with their live performance tone ddown the incredible awe-inspiring nature of the music, and instead I sat semi-comfortably, lost within thoughts inside thoughts inside thoughts, guided by the pulsing and sonic tidal wave ocean I had come to drown myself in.

And then today I get a very special present for the house. A homeless kitten! She is beautiful and extra-sweet. She licked my face for twenty minutes, and I have nothing but love for that. We will slowly be integrating her into our house, what with my cat, She-Ra being two years old now. I think this will all work out well, a playmate to trigger her motherly response system, and a companion in feline hijinks.

I would also like to point out that Portland's fall and winter season has begun, and it is tremendously beautiful. For the last several weeks I have watched the leaves fall from trees, after turning radical shades of red and orange. The sky has been an animated canvas of adventure of technicolor. The moss breathes, and I want to speak with it. These are our days.

No philisophical ruminations today. Just love and happiness.