In a more literal sense, rushing toward red lights isn't a good idea for several reasons. The mechanical effects listed are due to the increased frequency of acceleration/deceleration involved in agressive driving:

Add to these the increased risk of accident and/or traffic fines and you will probably decide that it's not that important to be first in line. If that isn't enough consider the following:

  • As you will be first to take off, you have more chance being hit by anyone who might be running the red light.
  • You have more chance of mowing down any pedestrians who might be strolling across the road.
  • The earlier you get to the lights, the longer you'll have to wait to go. As you are already in a hurry you'll just get frustrated, leading to even more agressive driving. This of course equals more waiting and more frustration. The process will repeat until one of three things happen:
  1. You arrive safely at your destination.
  2. Road rage.
  3. You crash and die.
Only one of these outcomes is good. No one wants to see the other two. Play it cool.