The title of the first song on Mogwai's second EP, entitled (redundantly enough) Mogwai EP+2.

As with much of Mogwai's work it features powerful bass, extremely clean guitar work, and a powerfully steady backbeat, all orchestrated into a wall of introspective sound and distortion.

It's the kind of song you play on those grey days, just before it rains, when the sky is the color of ash and you feel a million miles away from everybody, and you just need to rest awhile.

"A willowy organ drone hovers gently yet ominously, while what sounds like a human voice slowed down to quarter-speed snakes between the sustained bass and guitar notes. Perfectly arranged, the song simmers enticingly but never boils over; like the best Mogwai songs, it seems almost inconceivable that it could have been created by mere mortals." review