While season 1 of NBC's Heroes created such a huge hype last year, season 2 has not been as successful the second time around.

Peter Petrelli, arguably the star of the first season has now mysteriously made his way across the ocean to Ireland in some shipping yard without his memory. What a great way to make a powerful character not so powerful anymore. Now he must go on some adventure to Montreal taking him in a completely different area from where we left off at the end of season 1. This is not necessarily a bad move on the writers, but so far I fail to see where his part of the storyline is going.

The addition of some new characters has given the show a slightly different feeling. We have the twins; trying to cross the Mexican American border to see geneticist, Dr. Suresh; with one with the ability to kill all in her proximity when her eyes turn black and the other with the ability to heal these deceased by taking his sisters hand. While i can't really see a purpose for their abilities in the show, they are transporting the other powerful character from the first season (but now powerless), Sylar, back into America.

West, the boy Claire has fallen for, is probably the most annoying and over confident character in the show. He stalks Claire all on the hunch that she's hiding something just because she knew the answer to a question in class and did not raise her hand. Then through a series of events, discovers Claire's secret, confesses his own, and makes a deal with her to go out with her. They have also only known each other for probably a grand total of 1-2 weeks relative to the show, but by now West thinks they shouldn't hide anything from each other and gets upset when Claire doesn't want to talk to him about something personal in her life.

Even though there are some bad parts about season 2, I still very much enjoy the story of Hiro Nakamura in ancient Japan following his favorite hero from a childhood story, the great Takezo Kensei!

There is still some hope for season 2, even though it got off to a rough start, the shows writers have started trying to connect the characters together much faster potentially making a better story line down the road. However, this morning I read on www.superherohype.com that the writers will be going on strike and the show will be preparing for an early finale that should be aired December 3rd if the strike holds out. I have my fingers crossed for you, Heroes, however, you may lose another huge fan base if you end the show early, much like last year when the show went on hiatus.