Even as Kid Irascible and Devilish John stepped into the crowded milkbar, they could feel the tension. "You could practically cut this atmosphere with a knife", said the Kid. "Hey, nice cliché!" returned Devilish John. "Thanks, Devilish John" Said the Kid. John said nothing. Cretin, though The Kid to himself. He's just jealous because I am more fortunate than him in the looks department. And also because my private education, rich benefactor and yellow spider raise me to a lofty social status far exceeding his humble background. Basically, he's just a common street rat from the slums. Why do I put so much time and energy into him?

"You are more fortunate in the looks department than I am", said John. "Your..." But his comment was cut off by a scream from a dapper gentleman sitting on a stool. A light had lost it's glass fixture, and said fixture had shattered on the dapper gentleman's head. The milkbar crowd gasped. "Egad," said Kid Irascible. "Surely foul play is afoot here. I must investigate." "Stop! It is an ersatz plot!" said Devilish John. "That man is not real." Indeed, noticed the Kid, the man was made of plaster. But what if the fitting had landed on somebody else? thought the Kid to himself. "But what if the fitting had landed on somebody else?" he said to Devilish J. "They would probably be dead by now", said John. "Ah. True." Said the Kid.