While Kidas demonstrates a method of lighting a charcoal barbecue that demonstrates great skill and dexterity, there is a much easier way to do this.

Go to your favorite kitchen store, or place that sells barbecues, and buy a charcoal chimney*. It's a cylinder, about a quarter meter diameter, and perhaps half a meter high. There is a small grate about a quarter of the way from the bottom. Take two full sheets of newspaper, crumple them into loose balls, and insert them under the grate. Set the chimney onto your grill (make sure you have good airflow), and fill the top of the chimney with briquettes). Light the paper.

Now go have that beer.

The flames will work their way up the charcoal. When the top row of charcoal is white, you're ready to cook.. Carefully pour the charcoal into your barbecue, and go make your favorite food!

*You can make one of these from a coffee can, but it really isn't worth it.