This is not a biased opinion:
There are four members in my family, and since 1984, we have owned 9 Hondas. Some were leased, some were financed -- so we kept each for different periods of time.

Among the 5 financed cars (the ones we kept until they died), the average milage on each was about 345,000 miles. That's unheard of for most cars. I cannot speak for the leased cars, because we turned them in after only a few years.

My last car (a 1992 Honda Civic DX Sedan), had 342,761 miles on it. My repair records show that I replaced the clutch one, the clutch cable twice, the alternator once (don't hook up 60 amps worth of stereo equips to a 75 amp alternator), and I had my air conditioning repaired (not standard on the DX that year, I had to request it special). I have no record of my tires, belts and the like -- but that is all expected repairs.

They are, in my unbiased opinion, one of the best car companies around.

I often get other Americans (I am American) complaining that I don't buy American cars. Their worry is that Honda doesn't provide any jobs for American workers. Well, it isn't an issue, because Honda builds their cars (and almost all their parts for said cars) in Ohio. Honda is built more in the United States than most "American" cars. I thought I'd inject that before anyone feels the need to complain to me.