Dapy, or DAPY as it's written on the store's bags, is a store found in the USA, usually in malls. It very well may exist outside the US, but I haven't seen one elsewhere.

This store is similar to another American store, Spencer's Gifts, in that it primarily sells stuff you didn't know you needed. Some examples of such things are:
Plastic beer mugs suspended in air that appear to be pouring beer (plastic beer of course)
Velvet posters of Ren & Stimpy
4 foot tall Lava Lamps
Lamps shaped like Jackson Flying V guitars
Giant, 6" diameter Chuppa Chupps lollipops
Three Stooges telephones
Oversized full face masks of Colin Powell
Diaries with invisible ink pens

and the list goes on.

This store is most commonly found in "upscale" malls or shopping centers, wheras Spencer's Gifts is more commonly found in your average, run-of-the-mill suburban mall. Dapy is a store for people with (lots of) cash to burn on silly, playful, beautiful things that are instant conversation pieces.

However, I should note that if you happen across a Dapy when they're having a sale, you can find some excellent deals on stuff you previously wouldn't have dreamed of buying. Point in case: I got a device about the size and shape of an oversized radar detector that will make a personal laser light show for you on any wall - and it's portable! And the best part was, I got it for $75 instead of the regular price of $130. I know, this is still a bit steep, but I swear you can find even better deals than this at Dapy.

Happy shopping!