well, i've started my new years' resolution early: a refusal to hang around with people i fucking can't trust or respect.

2002 has been such a revolutionary year for me, ranging from being really really healthy around this time last year to being in the hospital last may - from gaining and losing and gaining and losing (and beginning to gain again =] ) to reach my target weight and health - drinking, smoking, and having the best time of my life at carnival =] from sean and dave to two horrible experiences in november to finally meeting a decent guy again.

i'm so glad i've been hanging out with my sister. we're finally getting a relationship, and it's awesome. i've met so many good people through her as well, i feel really lucky. plus hanging out with the people at cmu again is something i've really missed.

and i'm just incredibly proud of myself for telling mr. x (anonymous because i'm not bitchy enough to rat him out) that i knew what he fucking did, and it was pitiful. i am not just a fucking sex object, and i refuse to be treated like one. it may have taken me a month and a day to tell him he was a fuck, but i know i'm stronger because of it.

all in all, i'm excited as hell for tonight. i can't wait to ring in the new year with the people i love most =]