Who would have thought that Josh Schwartz, the man responsible for bringing the world Fox’s The O.C. and CW’s Gossip Girl, could ever create a show that appealed to the geeks. With NBC’s hit new show Chuck however, that’s exactly what Schwartz has done.

The show, whose tag line is “Computer geek by day, Government operative by night,” is about Chuck Bartowski, a computer technician in his 20s who inadvertently downloads government secrets that are now stored in his head. The show revolves around Chuck, and flashback’s that he has to government secrets. These secrets allow Chuck to help the NSA and CIA apprehend criminals and complete objectives. While the show is based on Chuck’s life and the events that unfold throughout it, the main characters to look out for are Morgan Grimes and Agent Sarah Walker.

Morgan is Chuck’s best friend, a fellow computer technician, and the typical nerd. He brings humor to the show through his attempts at getting girls, which all result in failing miserably.

Sarah is a CIA agent who’s main job is to protect Chuck. As a result, she plays a role as Chuck’s pretend girlfriend, although she reveals that she actually has romantic feelings for Chuck. Fuck Chuck, because Sarah is one of the hottest girls on TV.

Chuck can be found on NBC, Monday nights at 8:00 pm.