son of a bitch, all the mosquitos that come out of the dark and bite me at night. In sixteen minutes blood will fatten my vessels and collect at your entry-points. The bite on my thumb joint will swell soon and burn when I try to bend there. How is it that scratching your marks is like chocolate-encased razors under my veins? I have a secret layer of pink tissue paper for skin under my dermis. I scratch and hand-claw my way through muscle, cartilage, and bone to get there. It's where this current dilemna dwells. It eases with a warmth like sleeping and hurts like broken glass under fingernails when I scratch. Not scratching a bug bite is some serious bullshit. I'll scratch till i break off the yellow-red inflammed nodule forming over the bite. I'll dig my pencil through healthy skin and unaffected follicle till I scream. Overkill is a wonderful thing.