I just got back from the weidest time leap yet. I got into the imaging chamber and did not realize that the hairless ass weasel had gotten in there through my by invasive activity in my birth canal or anus. The terms are interchangeable? Don't know what the word "interchamgeable" means? That is sad. That is why I still believe we need to construct many work camps with no safety measures and only people who have had traumatic head injuries and brain damage as a result will be allowed to work as guards. They will have loaded weapons. You will all work your fingers to the bone and then you will be used as meat for the nobity. I will it to be so through the power of my X-Man type hand, extra smart brain (for figuring out "things"), and my uncanny skill at killing my friends in their sleep through various measures. Enjoyment follows in my smart brain. Wisdom comes when you node for the aged for we are the future and you will rot and wither away like yesterdays crops because of your idleness and complaints. Freedom means getting in a straight line and marching as if to war. All hail.

The leap took me to the Oval Office in 1971, Richard M. Nixon was talking to me with ferocity and I didn't know who I was until I saw my reflection and realized that I had leaped into Henry Kissinger. Once I realized that the hairless ass weasel had leaped into President Nixon, greatest of all presidents. I used to say it was Donald Trump, but then the rubber band in his head snapped and he became too much like a malfunctioning android. If you don't know what an android is due to poor educational choices and lived a sheltered life in your little hat and coat. Sickening. Absolutely sickening. An android is a person who had been literally forced to live inside a machine with the machine acting as its body while the soil very, very slowly begins to fade out of existence. I love putting a completely innocent person who is my friend through that, It is miraculous to see the looks on their faces as their body is slowly melted into the conduits of the machnery. Beautiful thing. They scream like you wouldn't believe and don't stop for the whole eighten hours the process takes to force a human body into a robot's. Read more about it at the lending library at your local Straight White Men's Cultural Center or at the Straight White Men Pride events near you. Sign up to learn more about The Anals of History and The Wonderful World of Abe Lincoln. Do not be afraid of true history. Be afraid of the byproduct of a diseased mind that had a sexually transmitted disease, a pencil, and a pad of paper and was trapped in a well. That is where regular people history is obtained from. It is not a reliable source. We use rudimentary memory and fill in what we don't have information on. This is the most trustworthy measure.

I am moving to outlaw the discussion of and use of ALL science beginning in 2020. It is time to put an end to it and go back to using common sense, head scratching, and drunk conversations in bars to figuring things out. We can chop wood and accelerate the use of the work camps to get work done and then process the losers we rounded up into very nice steaks. I've eaten a few people, and I do not recommend old people. Get them while they are young and still warm. Break into mortuaries and kill everyone who works there. Then wait for the cops. You will now have your body melted down and poured into a robot, or what I call a rombut since it makes more sense once you remove the goddamned useless science of scient from everything. It needs to be OUTLAWED and use of science needs to be punished by death. We need the death penalty for everything, including kids skipping school or pretending to be sick to get out of school. Lets get some structure back. Lets make them pay. Lets turn them into food. 

We need to break the spirits of the working class and get them into these vans. We need to be spitting on everyone who doesn't wear a suit with jacket and tie and who isn't coming or going to work. I want everyone working around the clock, seven days a week, in these wonderful camps which will have no amenities and deeply troubled individuals overseeing everything. Get to work, get a job that makes you go underground and live in a horrible little cave digging with a plastic beach shovel through a stone wall, cringing every time the big Russian man comes up behind you, unsips his pants, and puts it in your bum. There is no way to avoid it. You must accept the cock into your life in a non-gay way. This is something to think about while giving birth to a person who might get over a hundred years on their sentence because of the things I have. I am the most powerful man you know. And I need at least through of you to have sex with me nect weekend on my yacht.

Searchlights are hitting the woods outside the cabin. I have to get moving before the brave men and women of today's modern FBI. Praise them. Praise them nightly. In front of people. Nightly, Loud. Sound advice. Best you've every gotten.

My friends.