Some refinements to this recipe

1: (don't forget)

    Add about 1/4 cup chopped parsley Serve with grated parm, skip the asiago.

2: (an option)

3: Religion issues:

    Hot pepper flakes are fine but drizzling raw oil on the dish post cooking? Evil

    While doing the broccoli in a food processor will guarantee a certain regimented size to the broccoli, they will be too small, go for a larger floret...each floret should have a bit of top and a small spear of stalk, otherwise your broccoli will mush out a bit. You don't want mushy want a sort of broccoli "al dente" thing going on.

    Don't endeavor to mush the ingredients together so they become one congealed mess (with asiago natch), toss them and let them shine on their own.