Another of "My Italian MIL" recipes, Pasta with Squash is a summer time favorite.

The variety Rose used was the white pattypan squash. These are the little scallope edged type of squash, they also come in yellow and green but Rose always used the white ones. They are in the family of summer squashes, eaten rind and all. They can be eaten very small and get tough if very large, stick to 3 to 5 inch specimens.

So, for this recipe, aside from the squash you need olive oil, tomatoes, onions, basil and salt / pepper...all to taste.

You saute a little stew of the veggies and toss it with cooked pasta, Rose used ditali or ditalini (short tubes). Top with a grated cheese.

My son has taken this recipe higher by roasting garden tomatoes and winter squash (acorn, Hubbard, butternut) for this dish. He adds garlic as well. Yum.


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