"Rabbit rabbit" she spoke swiftly before her feet hit the floor first thing in the morning.

So, this is my first daylog, so, forgive me if it plainly sucks.

Having said that, now I can get into the good stuff. Well, not really good. Today has been a very odd day. Translucence has made its beauty known during this slightly windy day.

Tomorrow is dead day, the day before finals begin. It is very difficult for me to believe that in ten days this will all be a thing of my past. My first year of college, Nashville, freedom. Sure, I will keep my memories of times spent and friends made, but, this will be a different chapter in my life. I am not too sure where I am heading after this, but I feel something today urging me on to find out what it is that I am rushing toward.

This is a terrible place, this Nashville because it sucks you into it. It's people are friendly and welcoming. For some strange reason, I was magnetized toward thier love and comfort this time. Me, normally cold and removed, tried to reach out this time and was met with outstretched arms, plenty of ears to listen whenever I actually felt like talking, and friends to cart me around with them in order to keep me and them company.

So, today, I don't feel like leaving here while I am still running faster than I thought I would ever run from a place. Thank you for making me feel welcome. Thank you for letting me take residence in your city. I will actually miss you.