Freezing rain, simply put, is rain that freezes shortly after making contact with a surface, whether it be the pavement, your roof, or your glasses. The temperature of the rain clouds from which the devilish droplets fall is not low enough to cause the water to crystallize, creating snow, but the temperature closer to the ground is cold enough to freeze it there. This ensures that everything, and I mean everything, is covered in a medium to thick layer of ice, making travel increasingly difficult as the ice stacks upon itself. Want to go get a coffee at lunch? Not without falling on your ass and breaking your tailbone. Is your bus supposed to come after a designated wait time? Substitute that value into f(x)=3x^2 to get your actual wait time. Nothing moves. Except for your legs, uncontrollably and a little too fast, as you slip around helplessly like a greased bowling ball. The world is trapped in a hard, hard shell of motherfucking ice, man. Motherfucking ice.

I look to the sky, see the shrapnel of a frozen hell raining down upon me with nothing but my thin glasses to protect my fragile eyeballs. And i wonder why the fuck i live in a place where the abomination that is freezing rain is allowed to exist.

Freezing rain, man. God can be so cruel sometimes.