Passed on April 3, 1991 at the 2981st meeting of the UN Security Council. In summary, the following sanctions were imposed upon the country of Iraq.

  • Called for a cease-fire in the conflict between Iraq and Kuwait.
  • Restore friendly relations between Kuwait.
  • Recognize the border between Iraq and Kuwait.
  • Allow UN inspectors to go to Iraq and enforce the border sanctions.
  • Withdraw all troops from Kuwait
  • Cease operations in the production of biological weapons.
  • Disclose to inspectors all locations and types of biological weapons. This is to be done within 15 days of adoption.
  • Have inspectors come on site and dismantle any weapons facilities found within 90 days of adoption.
  • Iraq is prohibited from acquiring new weapons of mass destruction or research to develop new weapons.
  • Dismantle any nuclear weapons and production facilities within 45 days
  • Return all seized Kuwaiti property to Kuwait
  • Iraq is held responsible for damage done to other nations and must pay any foreign debts incurred during their occupation of Kuwait
  • Iraq may only trade its resources for food to feed its citizens and medicine.
  • Member nations of the UN may not offer weapons for sale to Iraq.
  • Return or disclose the fate of all POWs captured during the occupation of Kuwait and earlier to their native countries.
  • Iraq may not sponsor or support any act of international terrorism.

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