This is the fourth day I'm not smoking.

And that really sucks, since Noblesse absolutely rules. It's been almost a year since I'm out of Kele 4, and I still haven't gotten my life straight, found a job, bought a Fender, or done any of the things that I planned to do. Besides taking a break and doing the Israel National Track, I have been rotting away at home, studying Linux and any forgotten language that comes across. Scheme included.

I have a genuine feeling, the first one in a long time that change is about to take place. I'm as full with ambition as I was on January 10th, the day the army set me free after deciding I'm a narcissist. I even made a clean-cut, and just stopped smoking after consuming half a pack of the most hideous tobacco man ever created on a daily basis.

I am soon to begin writing a Visual Basic project, some Driving Instructor's financial thing, and start giving private lessons in UNIX to degenerate CS students. Looking at people 10 years older than I am taking crap from me and getting paid for it should boost my ego somewhat.

This is a statement of intentions. I'l check back in a month or so.