The Janitor (in this context pronounced Jay-in-ator) is an advanced (read: dangerous), modular bong developed by wtb and pyro of Canada Heavy Industries.

The Janitor consisted of three medium sized jellybean jars procured from pyro's work. The development team joined the jars together with silicone, together with two 80mm case fans.

Using a soldering iron, Pyro affixed a screw pipe to the bottom jar. He cut a hole in the top jar and attached the mouthpiece from a 1.5l Coke bottle. The screw pipe could accomodate many sizes of cone, and the Coke bottle mouthpiece could be attached to a hose, mask, or anything else that added to the smoking experience.

Power for the two fans was provided by two 12v DC power supplies, and was controlled by a foot pedal. When closed, the foot pedal engaded the two fans in "normal" mode. There was a second switch that started the second power supply, thus engaging the Turbo Boost!

Operating in turbo mode, and with a specially developed attachment (patented by Canada Heavy Industries), the Janitor could obliterate an entire joint in 30 seconds.

Only attempt to build one of these if you have nothing to live for.