Notoriously campy horror movie, released in 1977. It was directed by Greydon Clark and written by Clark and Alvin L. Fast. It starred John Ireland as the sheriff, Yvonne De Carlo as "Emma Bub/the sheriff's wife/the high priestess", Jack Kruschen as Billy the Janitor, John Carradine as the Bum, Sydney Chaplin as Mond, Joseph Carlo as the coach, Lane Caudell as Stevie, Jacqueline Cole as Ms. Johnson, Robin Greer as the Baker Girl, Hillary Horan as Chris, Sherry Marks as Sharon, Michael Donovan O'Donnell as the farmer, Alisa Powell as Debbie, Kerry Sherman as Patti, and Dennis West in a bravura turn as Gyppo the Evil Dwarf.

Here's the plot, such as it is: Billy the Janitor kidnaps the cheerleading squad so the local Satanic cult can sacrifice them! Oh, no! But one of the cheerleaders is secretly a witch! She teaches all the other cheerleaders spells and they mop up on the devil worshippers.

This movie perfectly demonstrates the sociological impacts of a marginalized but close-knit subculture on the traditional mores of dominant society and--ha ha, of course I am kidding. Really, the only point of this movie is: buxom girls in short skirts abandoning conventional morality to practice magic and make nookie with boys and commit bloody murder on janitors, high priestesses and Gyppo the Evil Dwarf. No, I haven't seen it. The local video store said the tape got stolen every time they ordered one.

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