Quite possibly the only honest politician in America. Utterly unafraid of the truth, and very successful because of this very fact. It is my belief that the politicians of this country underestimate the general level of intelligence of their constituencies, and therefore they are inclined to tell lies or half-truths to us, figuring we'll never catch them at it.

The mere fact that Clinton was re-elected in 1996 served to reconfirm this opinion, but I tend to think we're getting smarter, and I hope we've learned our lesson, and perhaps after 4 or 8 more years of mediocrity in the Whitehouse (regardless of wether it's a Bush or a Gore administration) we the people might take back the government from the hacks!

(As an aside, I'd like to say "Damn, can cardinal write run-on sentences or what?!?)

Jesse Ventura for President whenever he wants it!