Whenever I mention E-Prime to my friends, I receive the same response: "What's wrong with 'IS'?"

The basic idea behind E-Prime "is" simple. If you hear someone say "Brussels sprouts are disgusting" every day growing up, The likelihood increases that you will become at least somewhat sympathetic to the idea that Brussels sprouts "are" in fact indisputably disgusting. I don't think I need to explain why that conclusion does not bear up to scrutiny, but repeated messages have been shown to influence belief to a remarkable degree, even when the message seems totally absurd to the conscious mind. However, if you hear someone say "I don't like Brussels sprouts" every day, you will probably grow up with the idea that this person in question does not like Brussels sprouts, a much more reasonable assumption. But there remains room in your developing mind to ask questions and to develop your own opinion, without having to fight for that room.

Now, replace "Brussels sprouts" with "jews", "faggots", "niggers", etc, to illustrate why some people find E-Prime to be such an important development. Not to suggest that E-Prime will solve anything on its own, but it can't hurt, and we need all the help we can get.

So, go back and rewrite all your w/u's in E-Prime, already!