I was sitting in an underlit and undersized kitchen with a number of people I knew from high school, although none of their faces were identifiable at the time (save for Ruy, a football teammate of mine). We were making small talk, when someone mentioned the name of someone with whom I was vaguely acquainted...Fabio. (No, not that Fabio, just an Italian guy who attended my high school.)

"Fabio's a fucking asshole," I said brazenly. Fabio was small, almost too pretty for a "tough guy" (think a young Johnny Depp, but with a ponytail). Word has it he dropped out and went to hairdressing school. But Fabio, for all of his girlish charms, happened to be a member of the local Portugese/Greek/Jamaican gang, the WEB.

The collective shock of the room surprised me, at least until I realized that I was standing next to two of his fellow gang members.

"My friends (still without faces) and I piled into cars and raced away, with the WEB in hot pursuit. We ripped around the city, deathly afraid for our lives. The streets seemed vaguely familiar, but they weren't those of my native Winnipeg. In retrospect, they reminded me more of Montreal than anywhere else.

Eventually, the chase led us to an old brick building in an industrial district; an abandoned warehouse or office building perhaps. We hurtled though corridors in an effort to lose our pursuers, ducking into unmarked doorways and climbing staircases imported in from the set of "Enemy at the Gates".

Our group had been split when we piled into our cars, and I was with four other friends. There were two blonde girls that, though unfamiliar, I knew in me dream. I had feelings for the prettier of the two, who was dating a faceless guy from our group. Even though I knew I should be chasing the other, more bookish blonde (who had a crush on me), I still lusted after her prettier, attached counterpart. The fifth member of our party was Enzo, another classmate and a friend from the football team.

The five of us fled the building to make a run for our SUV, but we were stopped halfway there by the WEB guys. A truce was struck, and nervous apologies were made. We were given assurances that we (and our other friends, presumably still being chased) would be safe.

With evident relief, we walked the rest of the way back to our ride, pausing to get our collective breath near the back of the truck. At that moment, the tailgate popped open, and a WEB member with a .45 gunned down the pretty girl and her boyfriend.