Patti Boyd will probably go down in history as one of the most famous rock-n-roll muses in history. Patti Boyd was an extra in the Beatles movie A Hard Day's Night where she met George Harrison. Patti and George had an intense relationship, and ended up marrying in 1966. George's intense love for Patti inspired him to write the song Something, which incidentally Frank Sinatra called 'the most beautiful love song ever written'.

While George was working with Eric Clapton on music like While My Guitar Gently Weeps Eric Clapton fell in love with Patti Boyd and begged her to leave George and live with him. Patti continued to refuse Eric Clapton's advances, prompting him to write Layla as an anthem to his unrequited love. Some people close to Eric Clapton even claim that his excessive heroin addiction in the 70's was due to his throbbing love for Patti.

Eventually, due to Eric's persistent attention and because George Harrison had an affair with Ringo Starr's wife Maureen Starkey, Patti left George and married Eric. Eric wrote the song Wonderful Tonight about Patti. But their romance was short lived. Eric, still battling with alcohol and drug addiction physically and emotionally abused Patti. Between the abuse, Patti's inability to have children, and Eric having an affair with the Italian actress Lori del Santo (fathering son Conor Clapton with her), the relationship crumbled, and Patti left Eric.

Since those days, Patti has continued to live in London, making a living as a photographer, and living with her boyfriend, Rod Weston, a real estate developer.

Patti has also admitted that she is a recovering alcoholic, and has started a substance abuse program with Barbara Bach, another ex-wife of Beatles drummer Ringo Starr.

Any woman who has single-handedly inspired three of the biggest love songs ever is certainly awe-inspiring, and personally makes me want to meet her, if only so I can see what she ignited in these men.