A Quake Team Fortress Class

The Engineer is a medium speed, fairly lightly armored class. He can wear a maximum of 50 yellow armor. He uses a spanner, a railgun, and the super shotgun. His grenade types are Hand and EMP. A good defensive class, the engineer works primarily as a support class. With his ability to repair armor, create ammo, and build structures, the engineer increases the strength of a group of defenders tenfold.


The engineer does most of his work with scrap metal. To an engineer, scrap metal is synonymous with cells. He gets extra metal by collecting backpacks and armor.


The engineer uses the spanner in a two ways:
- If he hits a teammate with the spanner, he'll repair their armor. It costs the engineer 1 metal for every 4 points of armor repaired.
- If he hits a structure he built, he can perform various operations on the structure. These vary based upon the structure, but he'll always be able to Dismantle or Repair the structure.


The railgun fires small nails at extremely high velocities that punch through most things and keep going. It doesn't do a lot of damage, but it makes up for that with its fast rate-of-fire. It uses nails for ammo.


The engineer's main skill is his ability to make structures. Currently, he can make two different structures:
Sentry Guns
These little beasties a great for defensive support. They have 3 different levels. The higher the level, the more health the sentry has, and the more ammo it can hold. Also, higher levels have a faster rate-of-fire, and level 3 sentries launch rockets every 3 seconds. Engineers can reload and upgrade sentries by using the spanner. Engineers can only have one sentry operational at any one time.
Ammo/Armor Dispensers
These small structures are great for providing ammo for a defensive group. Over time, ammo and armor is created inside them automatically, although engineers can put ammo or armor into the dispenser by using their spanner. Anyone else can get ammo/armor from the dispenser by touching it. Engineers can remotely detonate their structures through the build menu.


"build" : Start building.

Other Notes:

The engineer can create ammo. Use the "dropammo" command to do it. If you attempt to drop ammo that you don't have, you will create it instead, if you have enough metal to do so.