Demolitions Man

A Quake Team Fortress Class

The Demolitions Man moves at medium speed, and wears an average amount of armor. He can wear a maximum of 120 yellow armor. He uses the axe, the shotgun, and the grenade/pipebomb launcher. His grenades types are Hand and Mirv. At close range, the demoman is particularly dangerous... his main weapons are his launcher and hand/mirv grenades, and with them he can clear rooms in seconds. But at long range, he's in trouble. Due to his speed and weaponry, he's a good offensive class... but with his pipebombs and mirvs, he's often used as the last line of defense.

He carries a dual Grenade/Pipebomb launcher:

The grenade launcher operates as normal. The pipebomb launcher lobs grenades that don't explode until the demoman wants them to. Lay some pipebombs around, and when you want to detonate them, use the "detpipe" alias. Pipebombs explode of their own accord after 2 minutes, and when the demoman who set them dies. Also, due to Quake's limit on the number of entities, there's a limit on the number of pipebombs. It's team based, where each team can only have X number of pipebombs in existence at one time. If another pipebomb is launched, one of the older pipebombs is automatically detonated. The limit varies depending on the server.

And, of course, he carries the Detpack:

This is a large-scale explosive device. The timer on the Detpack is set by the demoman. The demoman can use preset timer values using the +det5, +det20, +det50 aliases, or the demoman can specify the exact amount he wants to use. See the Pre-Impulse section below for details on how to do that. It takes 4 seconds to set a detpack, and the demoman cannot move during that time... but at any time, he can stop priming it, retrieve it, and run. To do this, bind a key to one of the detpack aliases. Then, when you press that key, you'll start setting a detpack. If you hold down the key for 4 seconds, you'll set the detpack. While holding down the key, you won't be able to move. But, at any time you can release the key, which will make you stop setting the detpack. Great if you get attacked while trying to set a detpack. And yes, you will keep your detpack if you stop setting it.


"+det5" : Set the detpack with a 5 second timer.
"+det20" : Set the detpack with a 20 second timer.
"+det50" : Set the detpack with a 50 second timer.
"detpipe" : Detonate your pipebombs.

Other Notes:

The Demoman starts with Blast armor, giving him extra protection against explosions.