Gee, I wonder why.

Because alcohol, unlike hemp, was never a threat to the tree-using paper industry?

Because alcohol never lured foreign workers to the almighty United States?

Because propaganda has for decades convinced the masses that weed is baaaaad and a very dangerous drug, while booze is completely harmless nectar from the gods which should never be criticized?

Because most of the legislators don't even want to hear of facts, evidence or common sense when it comes to the subject of re-legalization of such a baaaaaad narcotic?
After all, voicing the popular opinion that all the pot-smoking hippies should be shot is guaranteed to provide a more positive outcome in the next election.

Because legalizing ganja would equal the politicians and propaganja machines admitting they have been - pardon my French - full of shit for several decades?

All of the above?

No, I don't think Cannabis is 100% harmless either. But whether you admit it or not, keeping pot illegal while endorsing liquor has hypocrisy and double standard written all over it.
The foreign labor argument most likely doesn't mean much nowadays, but it was among the driving forces behind the pot prohibition movement.
Feel free to downvote me if the D.A.R.E. voices inside your head tell you to do so. I understand.


I must say I'm happy to see many countries and even U.S. states starting to slowly move in the right direction. Each area naturally has a strong opposition refusing to use its brains, and we still have a long way to go before we see the right decisions being done on a larger scale. But any positive development, no matter how small, is good.
Here in Finland we have no signs of any support for legalization. With hardcore prohibitionists like Ville Itälä in power and the general against-everything-attitude of the Finnish masses, it's safe to say no one will be smoking a legal joint here in a 100 years.