Got really pissed off at my boss today. He had told me to make a certain something that does something. (NDA, you know) Well, I coded it together so that it did what it was supposed to do and worked.
Was it good enough? Hell no.
He rushes in to give me a full-blown lecture on how to do things his way. So instead of telling me from the start how he wants it to work, he waits until I screw up and then starts busting my ass about it. Sheesh.
I told them back on the day this project started, that I am not a real coder and will never become one. So my bosses answer is simple: copy & paste. And that's just what we need for a big project for an important client. Pieces of code from here and there glued together. I can imagine how great the result will be.
Oh well, sometimes the job gets to me. And since I have to get up at 7 tomorrow for a pointless meeting, don't except much praise from me for my employer any time soon.

I believe this is my 3rd weekend without my cable TV decoder. Surprisingly, I haven't missed the extra channels at all. Except maybe the hardcore porn from the Swedish movie channels, but I already got some of them taped in case of such disaster. :) The rest of the programming is just films I've seen a billion times, plus Swedish versions of the format-type programs we already got on Finnish TV. Doing just fine.
Still.. With my weak personality and self-dicipline, I'll soon be shaking in withdrawal and plugging the damn thing on. Mark my words.

What is it about a huge, red boil you find on your stomach that makes you freak out so much? It can't be melanoma, I simply can't be that unlucky. I'm surely blowing this out of proportion. But it looks bad. I'm calling the doctor first thing in the morning.
I think it's safe to say I won't be getting much sleep tonight, unless I get a grip.

Note to WWWWolf: This particular "southern" wimp would love to get some snow here. The stuff melted away immediately as the rains arrived.

And a happy Halloween to all of you celebrating it.

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